List Builder

Build lists of certified firms from ONE integrated database for City, State and Federal agencies filtering data using up to 20 key data points including, Zip codes, commodity codes, company name, certification type and agency.

List Builder features

Multiple search points across aggregated certification datasets

Search multiple certifications

List Builder aggregates data from multiple certification databases providing users new visibility and insights for GFE.

Combines NIGP/NAICS/CSI codes

List Builder combines the main category codes so search results reflect the firms that match your search criteria across multiple datasets 

Search by project capacity

Select and delete blocks to remove some features.



Search by industry types

Types include, construction, service consultants, commodities, goods and services and more

Perform proximity searches

Find local firms in proximity to your project location by simply entering a zip code and specifying a range in miles.

Download list to csv, xml or, pdf

Down your list to excel in a matter of seconds and have access to key data points to start your GFE engagement.

750,000+ Certified and Non-Certified Companies.

10+ Integrated Agency Databases

20+ Data Search Points

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List Builder - Access aggregated data of US certified firms

List Builder is based on aggregated data of certified minority and non-minority firms across the US. Currently List Builder can access more than 500,000 firms and